Samsung Galaxy Player 50

Posted by Japrax on Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Galaxy Player is Samsung’s spanking new, Android-packing PMP, taking its cue from its bigger bros, the Galaxy S smartphone and the best-selling Galaxy Tab. It’s clearly got the Archos 32 in its sights, but how does it stack up against Apple’s iPod touch? And is a PMP really a viable, go-to gadget when so many phones, including Sammy’s own, can handle music just as well, if not better?

Where the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab both scream class, it’s clear from the off that the Galaxy Player is aimed at punters who like looking after their pennies. The white plastic design brings to mind Sammy’s older media players, hardly a ringing endorsement. But that’s not to say this is a device lacking the necessary smarts.

The music player is sleek, functional and easy to navigate, with well-crafted auto playlists, including most played, recently added and recently played, helping you get to the tracks you want in snappy fashion from the start up screen. Best of all, the bundled buds aren’t a total disgrace, giving the Galaxy Player a real edge on its Apple and Archos competitors. These in-ear efforts offer up reassuringly hefty bass and pick out detail admirably considering they come free in the box.

The screen, at 3.2 inches, is ample for video snacking and with the brightness cranked up to 11 churns out a slick image which is every bit as good as that found on comparable smartphones. That said, it can’t match the iPod touch’s Retina Display and if you’re after a PMP for extended video sessions, you might want something with a more capacious panel.

Samsung Galaxy Player 50: Android

Android appears here in its 2.1 incarnation, now gazumped twice over. This would be cause for concern on a mobile, but is somewhat forgivable on a media player. Unlike the Archos 32, the Android Market is here in all its glory, which means you can load up the on-board 8GB storage with add-ons galore, leaving the expandable SD slot to handle your tunes and vids. Apps already preloaded include the ace Google Latitude and Google Places, taking advantage of the surprisingly snappy AGPS inside. But the inclusion of Google Maps Navigation is what really sets the Galaxy Player apart. This free, peerless software alone makes it a worthy iPod touch battler.

The two megapixel camera is a bit of a blow out though and without a flash, it’s hardly worth the hassle. There are plenty of scene modes and adjustments, including panorama and smile shot, but snaps are at best grainy. The sharing options are plentiful, with easy Gmail and Picasa uploading, but swift social network-friendly snaps are all you’ll get from this camera.
In all though, the Galaxy Player is a decent PMP.

Lengthy battery life (ours kept kicking for four days while we gave it an assorted barrage of music, film, email and web tasks) and Android’s natty interface make it a decent bet, although £50 can get you an iPod Touch. But with smartphones ruling the roost, the question remains as to whether a PMP really is a decent investment in 2011? Especially now we've seen the Samsung Galaxy Player, with it's superior screen and UI is on the way.

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RR-XR800, Panasonic new Linear PCM IC Recorder

Posted by Japrax

Panasonic's latest Voice recorder, the RR-XR800, is a new high-end compact voice recorder featuring 4GB of internal memory and capable to record your voice in MP3 or linear PCM (16bit) quality. Featuring large Stereo microphone this RR-XR800 is also capable to record musical performances or any kind of live events.

The RR-XR800 will be available in Japan staring February seventeen and will be sold at around 16,000 Yen.

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Genius's New Portable Speakers, Love Pink?

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The SP-i170 is compact, sleek and sporty and offers a 360-degree sound field. Its GeniusLink feature, standard on all three models, allows you to connect to other similar Genius speakers. It comes in four stunning colors: polished black, white, pink and blue. The SP-i177 offers an advanced, D-class amplifier and a bigger, 40mm driver for deep bass. Like all of Genius' new speaker models, charging is quick and easy via USB connection, and the audio goes uninterrupted for up to eight full hours. It comes in bright yellow or sky blue. The SP-i300 works as both a speaker and portable music player.

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Archos 32 review

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The Archos 32 Internet Tablet attempts to stretch the definition of what a tablet really is. While the French PMP maker would like you to believe that it is indeed a full-on slate, in reality it’s personal media player. But that’s not to say it’s not a stellar gadget. In fact, this is one of the sharpest pieces of Archos kit we’ve ever pawed.

Why? Well largely it’s down to the inclusion of Google Android. The Big G’s mobile OS, here in its 2.1 version, helps lift the Archos 32 from standard PMP fair to full-on Apple iPod Touch rival.

Almost everything you would expect from an Android 2.1 phone is here: integrated mailboxes and breezy email set-up, snappy performance and easy social network sharing via the in-built two megapixel camera. The latter isn’t really up to snuff, but in good light it takes serviceable shots that look decent enough on your Facebook page.

There’s no Android Market here sadly though. Google won’t let tech cobblers add it when there’s no 3G inside, so instead you’re limited to the rather average Archos AppsLib store. However, apps shouldn’t really be the central concern for such an affordable PMP.

Music playback is key and the Archos 32 handles it excellently. Flicking through albums and artists is great with the remarkably responsive touchscreen and sound quality really is top draw, even with the bundled buds. We’d recommend ditching the latter for something nattier, but there’s no denying they’re better than those you get with iPods.

However, video playback is really not up to the job when compared to the ubiquitous iPod touch. The 400 x 240, 3.2-inch screen just can’t compare to Apple’s Retina Display. Clips look blocky and pixellated. The same problem is evident when looking at album artwork. This aside, the Archos 32 is a well put together device. Android makes it a doddle to get to grips with and the ample 8GB of storage can easily be added to via SD card. Chuck in drag and drop functionality and this is a great iPod alternative.

In terms of value, the Archos 32 definitely wins out. At £129, it’s £60 cheaper than the equivalent iPod touch. While it doesn’t have the same design cache, it’s still well worth a look. The only thing we’d say is that you could snaffle an Android phone that can do all of the same, as well as make calls and send texts. But that’s more of a wider issues with PMPs in general. If you’re after a new media player and money’s your top priority, look no further.

Archos 32 launch date: Out now, link Archos
Archos 32 gadget price: £100-£150 online

Archos 32 Specifications:
Screen: 3.2-inches
Resolution: 400x240
Processor: ARM Cortex A8, 800 Mhz
OS: Android 2.2
Connections: WiFi N, Bluetooth 2.1, USB
Battery: 24 hours music, 6 hours video, 8 hours web
Dimensions: 105x55x9mm/72g

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Here's a new PMP, radio, clock, media streamer, photo viewer, all-in-one Archos

Posted by Japrax

All these while we've been thinking that Archos is into tablets, but all of a sudden they've thrown in a new fancy digital clock radio into the market. Well, you can say that there's a miniature tablet in it, as there's a 3. 5-inch touchscreen in the middle plus the ability to connect to 12,000 streaming radio stations and 1,500 “web TV” channels make it more than just a 'clock n radio'. It seemed that you can play media directly from an SD card or pull it over your local network via uPNP, besides viewing pictures on there.

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Supersonic IQ-4700 PMP

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Finding yourself a new PMP with an affordable price? Why not check out the IQ-4700 from Supersonic. Priced at just $31. 99, this super slim player has a 1. 8-inch color LCD, a 4GB of internal storage, an FM radio, a voice recorder, an e-book reader and a built-in rechargeable battery. Grab yours now!

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Audio-Technica ATH-EW9 Headphones For iPods

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The Audio-Technica ATH-EW9 headphones feature impressive 28mm neodymium magnets that project powerful sound. These headphones also have a wooden housing made of Japan's finest Hokkaido cherry and offer a comfortable clip-on design with soft rubber support loops and large ear hangers for long hours of listening without fatigue. The Audio-Technica ATH-EW9 gadget provides a 14Hz – 24,000Hz frequency response, a 100mW maximum power input, a 105 dB/mW sensitivity at 1kHz and a 29 Ohms of impedance.

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Mustek Video Docking Station For iPod

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The Mustek Video Docking Station for iPod is now available for purchase via Amazon. The gadget has a 8. 5-inch 16:9 TFT LCD display and a universal dock for playing/charging iPod and iPhone. The Mustek Video Docking Station also features alarm clock with snooze key function, an FM radio with 20 stations preset and a calendar. This docking station is compatible with MPEG-4 (. AVI), JPEG and MP3 file formats. If you are interested, you can buy the Mustek Video Docking Station gadget for $141. 39.

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ICOO has announced another Full HD PMP to its range by dropping the K13. Priced at only 299 Yuan (about $45), this simple yet stylish player features 5. 0-inch 800 x 480 display, an 8GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot an FM radio, a voice recorder, an e-book reader, a picture browser, built-in games, a USB 2. 0 port, a TV-out and supports up to 1080p Full HD video playback.

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ONN Q2 MP3 Player

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Priced at only 188 Yuan (about $29), the Q2 MP3 player from ONN gadget (Owen) not only affordable but it also a very pocket-friendly device. This slim player sports a 1. 5-inch color display, a 4GB of internal storage, an FM radio, a voice recorder, a text reader, a picture viewer and has a built-in 180mAh Li-ion battery.

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