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A new HD PMP has just been launched by ICOO. Called the K13 Touch, the player sports a 5-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen display, an 8GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, an FM radio, a picture browser, an e-book reader, a TV-out and supports up to 720p HD video playback. The K13 Touch gadget sells for 299 Yen (about $45).

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Hanwha unleashes HDMI / USB adapter for iPad, iPhone 4, and fourth-gen iPod touch

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Feel the desire to watch your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (fourth gen) videos on the big screen, but looking for something with a little more girth than Apple's HDMI solution? Hanwha's latest dongle might do the job. As you can see above, in place of the original adapter's dock connector port is a USB 2.0 socket - compatible with cameras supporting mass storage connection - alongside the 720p-friendly HDMI port, but you'll have to use the switch to toggle between the two modes. And that little mini-USB port on the far right? Well, it's there to provide some juice to "reduce battery drain," but probably not enough to charge up your iDevice. If you're still interested and have a friend in Japan, Hanwha's charging ¥5,980 (around $73), which is almost double that of Apple's $39 connector. Is USB support worth such a price jump? Your call.

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Teclast C520P HD PMP

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Priced at only 299 Yuan (about $45), the C520P is the latest HD PMP from Teclast gadget. This lightweight device comes with a 5-inch touchscreen display, a 4GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, an e-book reader and supports up to 720p HD video playback.

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SteelSeries 7H Headset for iPod, iPhone and iPad

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Along with the Siberia v2 Headset, SteelSeries also announced the 7H Headset for iPod, iPhone and iPad. Priced at $129.99 / €114.99 (MSRP), the 7H headset is the newest introduction to SteelSeries’ premium audio line-up. Its interchangeable earcups allow the user to choose between hear-through cloth or noise cancelling leather. The headset is also equipped with the 50mm drivers and enables users to disassemble it into four pieces for easy travel.

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Samsung Galaxy Player YP-GB70 Released In South Korea

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Samsung Electronics has started selling the Galaxy Player (YP-GB70) in the South Korean market. The Galaxy Player is a smart PMP that can download various applications and games from the Android Market through Wi-Fi connectivity. Powered by the Google Android 2.2 Froyo OS, the gadget provides a 5-inch display screen, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Search and free text messages (Kakao Talk). With SoundAlive and stereo speakers, the Galaxy Player YP-GB70 has greater multimedia functions and can support various functions such as a 3D navigation with GPS.

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iRig Microphone for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

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Having a separate microphone for the iDevice may seem excessive, but simply relying on the gadget's built-in mic may not provide the clearest sound you want to project on situations like making a podcast or video conferencing. There have been many mics for the iOS devices, but most are desktop types and not a single handheld accessory until the iRig was introduced.

The iRig voice microphone connects to the iPhone, iPod, and iPad with a 1x8″ jack. It also has a three-position gain control on the body. The iRig also comes with a Vocalive app that adds effects to voice and lets users share its files to friends.

Engadget has reviewed the iRig, which was given a rating of 6 out of 10. You can check the source link for the reasons why.

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CVID-C25 MP3 Player

Posted by Japrax on Monday, May 9, 2011

Enjoy all your favorite tunes anywhere you go with this lightweight MP3 playerCVID-C25′ from Chinavasion. This compact player features a two color LCD display, a 4GB of flash memory, an FM radio, a USB 2.0 port, a 3.5mm headset jack and a built-in Li-ion battery. The CVID-C25 gadget retails for just $28.97 (car kit included).

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Banana TV Streams iOS Video, Pictures to Mac

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Banana TV enables an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to stream photos and video to a Mac.

One of the coolest gimmicks of iOS is AirPlay, a button you press on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to stream photos, videos and audio to a huge display connected to an Apple TV. Problem is, you can't normally use this nifty feature without your Apple TV (or an AirPort Express, if all you want is audio).

Enter Banana TV, a Mac app that allows you to use AirPlay to beam your videos and photos from an iOS device to a Mac. This way, you can enjoy streaming your media onto a bigger screen even if you don't own an Apple TV.

The best part about Banana TV is it's seamless. Launch the app and it's ready to go, so long as your iOS device and Mac are on the same Wi-Fi network. On your iOS device, open any AirPlay-compatible video or photo, and an icon will appear to stream it via AirPlay. Hit the AirPlay icon and boom, the picture is displayed on your Mac.

This will come useful in many scenarios. Say you're visiting relatives who have a 27-inch iMac, and you want to share photos of your family vacation, stored on your iPhone. Just load Banana TV on their iMac and stream it from your iPhone with AirPlay.

Or let's say you give presentations at work, and the PDFs are stored on your iPhone. Just connect your Mac to the projector, run Banana TV, open the PDFs on your iPhone and hit the AirPlay button. Voila — the image will be showing on the projector, and you can swipe the screen to move between PDFs while you're giving the presentation.

Created by prolific programmer Erica Sadun, Banana TV cost $8 over at BananaTV.net. It's not available in the Mac App Store, probably because Apple wasn't cool with people reverse-engineering the AirPlay code, according to Sadun.

“There's never been anything Apple's built that I haven't wanted to reverse engineer somehow,” Sadun said. “I'm sure there's probably medication for that, maybe therapy.”

Wired.com previously covered Banana TV, which was formerly called AirPlayer, when it was still a work in progress. The near-final version of Banana TV released last week is snappy and fast, as if it came straight from Apple headquarters. It's a must-have app for any Mac customer with an iOS device.

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JBL OnBeat Sound Dock For iPhone/iPod/iPad Is Compact, Stylish And Powerful!

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JBL just announced a stylish and substance-filled sound dock for iOS devices. It's officially christened as JBL OnBeat and appears to be a device of fairly good mettle encased in a beautiful build.

The JBL OnBeat iPhone and/or iPad dock gadget lets you easily slip your iPad or iPhone on the included connector-laced mount on the dock allowing you to channel audio through the connected dock's speakers for a high-quality room-filling sound.

Once the iPad/iPhone is docked into the JBL OnBeat dock for iPhone and iPad, your iOS device is simultaneously charged even as you enjoy playing your favorite media on your iPad. Compact in build and stylish in design, the JBL OnBeat dock for iPad and iPhone is also compatible with Apple iPods.

The device comes with an IR remote which enables you to swiftly change tracks and navigate through your idevice's menus even from up to 15 feet away. While in the close proximity of the device, you can also use the easy-to-use touch controls on the device to operate it.

Featured : JBL iPad Dock / JBL iPhone Dock

It draws its power from an AC charging outlet and also powers your device when it's docked so don't have to worry about running out of battery when your iPhone or iPad is used with the dock.

Other interesting features include provision for composite video output to display video content on TV, dual Phoenix full-range transducers with computer-optimized DSP equalization, high power output, USB and auxiliary input support, and much more.

Here's an excerpt from JBL in this regard :

“The JBL OnBeat docking station is more than just a speaker dock that works with the iPad device. It's a great-sounding home entertainment system in the JBL® tradition. Dual JBL Phoenix full-range transducers with 2 x 7.5-watt amplification and computer-optimized DSP equalization deliver impressive frequency response (70Hz - 20kHz) with minimal distortion, even at high output levels. You'll hear your favorite music with accuracy and detail you wouldn't have thought possible from a system this size.“

It will be exclusively available from Best Buy in Black color.

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JBL intros OnBeat iPad / iPhone / iPod speaker dock, prices it at $150

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This planet we call home needs another iDock about as bad as we need another Charlie Sheen running around aimlessly, but no matter - we're getting one, and it's being delivered from JBL. The company has just outed its first-ever iPad speaker dock, the OnBeat. Truth be told, it's capable of handling iPod touches, iPhones and iPads (no word on the iPad 2), but it's clearly engineered to hold the largest of the bunch best. Aside from providing joints and jams to those situated in your living room (or basement, if that's how you roll), it can also pipe Netflix and YouTube content directly to one's television via a composite video output, and if you're running around sans an iDevice, the 3.5mm auxiliary jack ensures that any other source will still function just fine. You'll also be able to charge and sync any docked devices, but you'll be asked to dole out $149.95 in order to bring one home when it ships next month.

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Gemei HD8800 HD-Capable PMP Available Now

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Remember the Gemei HD8800 gadget gadget that we posted last week? This new HD-capable PMP is now available for purchase in China for 299 Yuan (about $45). To remind you, the player packs a 4.3-inch 16:9 touchscreen display, Flash UI, an 8GB of flash storage, a microSD card slot, an FM radio, a voice recorder, an e-book reader, built-in games, a USB 2.0 interface, an HDMI port, a TV-output and supports up to 720p HD video playback.

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Cowon D3 Plenue Android Media Player

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Cowon, known for its media players, has recently introduced its D3 Plenue gadget, considered as one of a handful of pocketable Android-based PMPs.

It features a 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen with 800 x 480 resolution, dedicated media controls on the edges, Android 2.1, WiFi, 1080p video output, an integrated microphone, and a battery life of up to 21 hours.

Like any Cowon player, the D3 Plenue can support every file available, including FLAC, APE, and OGG audio file formats.

Engadget reviewed the Cowon D3 Plenue gadget, calling it “vastly different and superior” from Cowon's previously-released PMPs like the S9 and the X7. However, the question whether its US$357.99 asking price is worth it. You can check out the source link for the lengthy review.

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